i'm dana ! 

your personal hype girl and your favorite third wheel.

my biggest goal for all of my couples is making sure that your day is stress free and as simple as possible. i'm here for you for any questions you have and i help create a personalized timeline for your big day to ensure that we are on the same page the whole time.

i am not collect a check from you kind of girl, i am here for the entire ride, you are not just my client.. we are life long friends and i want to be here to capture all the moments after your big day. i invest so much time and love into my couples because i believe you deserve the absolute best.



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My style is spontaneous, natural and easy-going. I love to encourage my clients to talk, to touch, have fun...to embrace.
I am a fan of the candid, raw moments of your love. 


- i have 3 big floofs! * from the left to right  - Mufasa, Apollo & Zero *

- married my amazing husband after only two months of knowing each other.

- i'm only 4'10"

- my heart and soul belongs in the desert

- i love the outdoors! camping, kayaking, hiking, riding my longboard, really anything to get me outside.



- i'm religiously at taco bell... at least twice a week.

- i love trying new beers anywhere i go! sours, wheats & stouts are my go to!

- i live in vans, birkenstocks or my docs. you literally wont see me in any other footwear.

- giftshops are my favorite! i can spend so much money in one. 

- i love the outdoors! camping, kayaking, hiking, riding my longboard, really anything to get me outside.

- i have 20 tattoos. 

- coffee shops are a true blessing- i love coffee and i can spend hours in a little coffee shop just getting work done. 


here is my love story. 

Star Swirls 2.png

i married my bestfriend after only meeting him twice and both those times for about 8 hour each.

we met because one of my bestfriend's decided to join the airforce and they ended up being in a class together in tech school and i was supposed to come out and see her in texas and she kept talking about how excited she was  so see me and her and connor were good friends and he said the best line... 

" i bet she is cute, huh? " and lo' and behold he thought i was! yay me!! we were supposed to meet that weekend and didn't because his whole squadrant got in trouble and had weekend duty, so not only did i not meet him that weekend but ii barely saw my friend.

fast forward a few months he somehow got ahold of my snapchat and the rest is history...

i drove  8 hours to meet him and we had the most magical first day in cali, (he was home from tech school for 2 weeks before he had to be at his permanent base in louisiana) we went to breakfast, the aquarium (where i almost broke his nose during our first kiss, lol) and then the beach. i left the following day just to come back the next and did that 8 hour drive all over again just to see him before her left for louisiana.

a part me thought i may not ever see him again after this day because i thought there was no way it could work but i was so head over heels and just i knew this was going to be the man i married.

after countless texts, facetimes, and calls i moved from arizona to louisiana to be with my person and we eloped a month later in an old lady's living room on 9/3/2017 and had our beautiful wedding with friends and family in the beautiful town of julian, ca on 10/24/2019.

when you know you know! i never believed in that saying until i met him (insert crying emoji here).

now fast forward to Jan 2022 we have left Louisiana the military has relocated us to North Dakota and we have built our very own home here from the ground up and it's perfect. 

now that i've bragged about my hubby, my whole point to that was that i want to be here for you when you find your person and be that person to hand you countless tissues and to hold up that beautiful wedding dress and be your personal dress holder on your big day.


wanna be friends for life?