Sand Dunes - M.j & Cody

This has by far been one of my all time FAVORITE sessions I have ever done.

Ever since I have started this journey of photography it has been an absolute dream of mine to shoot at the dunes.

M.j & Cody are not only some of the most rad people I have ever met but they are also friends that are very close to me. I met M.j when I moved out to Louisiana and got my job a veterinary hospital down here. She has been one of my closest friends I have had since I have moved out here and not only do we get along great but her hubby and mine also get along great too.

These two moved out of Shreveport Louisiana to go ahead and live the van life out in California just about a year ago- I was so sad to see them leave but so happy for them and this new journey in their life with their 4 pups & 1 cat (who is pretty much a dog also 😝)

Every time I go home to AZ I always try to see them whether that is meeting somewhere in the middle (the dunes) or me driving out to the coast to see them- YOU GUY'S AIN'T READY FOR THAT BLOG.

For now though, enjoy these two lovebirds running around & rolling around the dunes with me.

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